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established in 2018

The Gattuso Coalition is a communications firm with big aspirations. We won't stay small for very long. At our core is a knack for publicity and strategy and a heart for wanting to change the world. We feel strongly that doing things the way they've always been done is no longer the answer. We boast diverse and complementary expertise and an impressive finger on the local pulse of creatives who can help supplement tactics along the way. 

As a team, we have more than 27 years of combined experience. We've worked for or with such clients as Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Nevada, TravelNevada, Eternal Olive, Renown Health, Desert Research Institute and more. We're successful because we know that even in a viral world, the long game is still well worth playing. We work with those companies who want to make the world better and, for that reason, we care about your success.

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Rachel Gattuso,
Founder, President

Rachel is fueled by righteous indignation. But rather than steep in anger, she's pairing her extensive communications background with her leadership ability and channeling that fuel to help organizations fight for a better world. Whether it's advocating for nonprofits or guiding communications initiatives from infancy to completion, she works fiercely toward her objectives. With more than 11 years in the communications, public relations and strategy worlds and a proven leadership track record, Rachel brings tact, skill and talent to every client. She asks first what success looks like, then helps bring that picture to life.


Kaitlin Young, Executive Vice President, Digital Strategy

Kaitlin thrives on challenge. Having painted the state as a travel destination for the globe at TravelNevada, maintained grace under political pressure at the Nevada Bureau of Land Management, and brainstormed ways to help Desert Research Institute and Renown Health bolster participation in the Healthy Nevada project, Kaitlin excels at every challenge she's attempted. She applies creativity, savvy and expertise to client scenarios to take advantage of missed opportunities and create new ones. Someone who seeks to empower rather than denigrate, Kaitlin's skill set, candor and range make her a perfect strategic partner for the Coalition.