Needles We Move

In our opinion, everything boils down to public relations. Whether you invest in an advertising approach, work at securing publicity or curate and create video for inbound leads, all roads lead to one thing: how the publics you want to reach perceive your brand: you, your product, your service or your initiative. We’ll assess your goals and objectives and apply a mix of the strategies below to help you move the needles you care about.


Enhanced Brand Awareness

When you’re invested in the day to day execution of your organization, keeping tabs on the stories that are building in the local, regional and national dialogs can get relegated to the back-burner. Whether it’s a concerted focus on media relations, an effort to draw closer to key publics through community outreach or an exercise in identifying and incorporating key messages that will resonate and influence behavior, we create client solutions that take the minutiae out of awareness.

Improved Donor Perception

Non-profits know they need to tell stories. But how do you ensure your stories relay the right calls to action and avoid perpetuating outdated models of operation? Are you empowering your team by asking for the right resources instead of telling donors what they like to hear? We focus on helping non-profits incorporate messaging that gets them closer to healthier operations. We empower non-profits to speak about mission-critical funding and share with donors what they truly need to receive the resources teams need to advance missions.